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12/21/09 11:12 am - rdyfrde - Seasons Greetings

Blame Muppet from the Edguy forum for this ;)

9/8/09 05:31 pm - rdyfrde - Tobi's Tour Diary

In case you haven't been reading Tobi's Twitter, he has a Tour Diary setup on his official website. It's located in the Backstage area which just requires you to sign up.


It's really funny, as it should be from Tobi ;)

8/30/09 10:50 pm - rdyfrde - Edguy Memorabilia

A German rowing youth program is auctioning off signed Edguy stuff for charity. The starting bids are 1 Euro ($1.44 USD). All of the stuff is signed by the whole band.

At the moment, he has Tinnitus Sanctus and Rocket Ride stuff but he says that he'll be adding more until all of it is gone.

Here's the link to all of his auctions. He also has stuff signed by Gamma Ray, Saxon, Michael Kiske, Virgin Steele, Iron Savior, Rough Silk, Stormwarrior, Human Fortress, Savage Circus, Vanishing Point, and Mike Terrana.


7/29/09 03:16 pm - rdyfrde - Oh no....

Tobi has a Twitter ;)


7/6/09 03:58 pm - rdyfrde - Gods of Metal 2009

Here are my pictures from the Gods of Metal festival in Italy a couple weekends ago :)


It was a great show :D

6/15/09 11:38 am - rdyfrde - New Tobi interview

It doesn't tell much about the new Avantasia album but it's amusing to read :)


3/26/09 11:45 am - rdyfrde - Edguy DVD Trailer

Via Blabbermouth:

EDGUY: 'F**king With F*** - Live' DVD Trailer Available - Mar. 26, 2009

A three-and-a-half-minute trailer for "Fucking With F*** - Live", the new DVD and separate 2-CD package from German melodic metallers EDGUY, can be viewed below. The footage for the DVD was shot on November 3, 2006 at the Credicard Hall in São Paulo, Brazil and "presents a mind-blowing performance of Tobias Sammet [vocals] and his team," according to a press release. "More than 100 minutes including all hymns, as well as lots of bonus material featuring all video clips, road movies and interviews. Besides the DVD, there will be also a double live CD, separate, as well as part of a noble package along with the DVD."

"Fucking With F*** - Live" track listing:

01. Catch Of The Century
02. Sacrifice
03. Babylon
04. Lavatory Love Machine
05. Land Of the Miracle
06. Tears Of A Mandrake
07. Vain Glory Opera
08. Drum Solo
09. Superheroes
10. Fucking With Fire
11. Save Me
12. Mysteria
13. Out Of Control
14. Avantasia
15. King Of Fools

Check out the cover artwork below.

The concert footage from the "Fucking With F*** - Live" will be shown at nine German cinemas on April 27 beginning at 20.00 CET:

* Berlin - Colosseum / UCI Kinowelt
* Hamburg - Mundsburg / UCI Kinowelt
* Kaiserslautern - UCI Kinowelt
* Düsseldorf - UCI Kinowelt (with Felix Bohnke as guest)
* Flensburg - UCI Kinowelt
* München - Mathäser / Kinopolis
* Karlsruhe - Universum City / Kinopolis
* Frankfurt - Cinemagnum (with several EDGUY musicians as guests)
* Nürnberg - Cinecitta

Tickets are 6 euros.


3/2/09 01:58 pm - rdyfrde - US Tour Dates!

German power metal band Edguy will be heading to North America in September of this year for a tour in support of their latest album, "Tinnitus Sanctus." Support on the tour will come from Luna Mortis and Epicurean.

The tour dates are as follows:

5 - The Opera House - Toronto, ON
6 - Club Soda - Montreal, QC
9 - The Blender Theater (at Gramercy) - New York, NY
11 - Jaxx - West Springfield, VA
12 - Peabody’s - Cleveland, OH
13 - The Pearl Room - Mokena, IL
15 - Station 4 - St. Paul, MN
16 - Royal Albert Arms - Winnipeg, MB
17 - The Riddell Center (at Univ. of Regina) - Regina, SK
19 - Starlite Room - Edmonton, AB
20 - Warehouse - Calgary, AB
21 - Plaza Club - Vancouver, BC
23 - Sugar Nightclub - Victoria, BC
24 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
25 - Hawthorne Theater - Portland, OR
27 - Slims - San Francisco, CA
28 - Jumping Turtle - San Marcos, CA
29 - The Key Club - Hollywood, CA

2/4/09 03:02 pm - rdyfrde - Tobi Video Interview

Via Blabbermouth:


Hee hee, he looks more and more like Kai Hansen that it's scary O_O

1/30/09 08:26 am - rdyfrde - Tobi's Other Interests

Oh Tobi ;)

Snagged from Blabbermouth:

EDGUY's Stockholm Concert Downgraded - Jan. 30, 2009

EDGUY's February 4, 2009 concert in Stockholm, Sweden has been moved from the 1,200-plus-capacity Arenan (the venue can reportedly hold up to 3,000 people due to its adjustable walls and curtains) to the 600-capacity Klubben. The band's management said in a statement, "When Tobias [Sammet, EDGUY frontman] found out that the show will take place in exactly the same room they played on the last tour and remembered the odd feelings he had when being on stage, he had a student of supernatural science investigate the place and he attested that there are several subterranean water veins crossing right under the stage. Besides that, Tobias — who is a practicing Feng shui-ist — could not accept putting the stage vice versa to the other side of the stage. He willingly accepted to play Klubben, though, and apologizes for the inconvenience."

Tobias Sammet commented: "I wanna state that it has absolutely nothing to do with the merchandise concessions of 35% that they take at the main room which would have meant the shirts would have been enormously expensive for our fans. That's just a nice side effect; they will be much cheaper now!"
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